Policy about the contents on this site:

Please don't ask me for recolors of my work or to change one of my objects to be compatible with Sims or other expansion packs. Also don't ask me to make special items. I don't have the time for this hobby now and I won't do them.

My policy about using my creations: you can use them as a base for your objects and a link to my site is apreciated. You cann't use the work from Heather, Knight, Shelly, Kandlelore or Kirarochelle as a base for your own ones, you need their respective permision. Pay sites aren't allowed to clone or use the contents on this web for their own work but they can use them for making their previews if they like. Only SimSnobs has my full permision to use all my creations. No object, wall or floor from this site if recolored or retextured can be used for a donation item.

I allow filesharing but my creations or the ones from other creators hosted at this site cann't be hosted on another site if I haven't given you written permision. They also cann't be sold in any way.